• Real Time Ear Tag Monitor Set to Transform the Way Farmers Manage Their Herds

    A new intelligent ear tag that uses the movement of a cow’s ear to determine their health, heat status, feeding behaviour and location is set to revolutionise the way farmers manage their herds. SMARTBOW® from Zoetis is one of the most accurate and comprehensive cow activity monitors to hit the market. Unlike other activity monitors, which tend to focus solely on heat detection and cow behaviour,… ...more

  • Genomic test allows dairy farmers to select heifers based on disease risk

    Zoetis has launched CLARIFIDE Plus™, the only genomic test to incorporate health and wellness traits in addition to the production traits delivered by standard testing. CLARIFIDE Plus is the first available dairy genetic evaluation specifically designed for cow and calf wellness traits in Holstein and Jersey cattle in the UK. For the first time, dairy farmers will be able to genomically select h… ...more

  • Family modernises dairy with Centrus Composite Rotary milking system

    Ian and Cath Ratcliffe had a few solid goals in mind when they began their research towards building a new parlour for their Weavian Farms operation in Devon. The couple farm in partnership at West Webbery Farm, near Bideford and wanted something that could replace their 24/48-unit Herringbone, to accommodate milking their 365 crossbred cows.  “We looked at, and had quotes, from a range of manuf… ...more

  • Counting Down to #Farm24

    This Thursday, 8 August will see thousands of farmers across the country celebrate the UK farming industry via social media. For 24 hours #Farm24 will raise the profile of UK agriculture with support from grassroots farmers, celebrities and industry businesses and Westminster. Now in its fifth year, the 24 Hours in Farming event presented by Farmers Guardian and Morrisons, to champion UK agricult… ...more

  • BVD Testing for UK Dairy Day 2019

    Every animal entered to attend UK Dairy Day needs to either reside in a herd accredited free of BVD by a CHeCS approved cattle health scheme or, at any time in its life, have been tested individually on a blood, milk or tissue sample for evidence of the BVD virus, with a negative result. Cattle Exhibitors will be required to show proof of either the accredited BVD free status of the animal’s herd… ...more

  • Helping UK farmers grow the value of dairy

    Waikato Milking Systems will showcase its full product range to demonstrate how it can help farmers grow the value of dairy at this year’s UK Dairy Day. UK sales manager Brent Crothers said the New Zealand company was looking forward to being part of the 6th annual Dairy Day in September. The company’s site will showcase its four UK product offerings, from milking parlours, milking automation an… ...more

  • Large herds growing rapidly, reveals Kingshay report

    Large dairy herds are growing rapidly, both in terms of size and productivity, according to the annual Dairy Costings Report from Kingshay. Based on actual figures from almost 2,000 herds with 400,000 cows across the UK, smaller herds produced less milk in 2017/18 than the previous year, likely due to the summer drought curbing production from grazing. In contrast, the higher producing herds boos… ...more

  • DeLaval install first E100 Rotary in UK

    The NEW E100 Rotary milking system, which was launched last summer, has now been installed in the UK at Bodrach Farm, Llanrwst, Wales. This first installation was completed by DeLaval dealer Dairy-Scope Ltd at the Owen family farm in Llanwrst installing a 40 unit E100 Rotary. Emyr Owen has recently switched from beef & sheep to dairy to help improve farm income.  Emyr has a herd of 400 cows… ...more

  • Complete Dairy Solutions with Plevnik

    COMPLETE DAIRY SOLUTIONS. With Plevnik equipment. PLEVNIK d.o.o. is an engineering and manufacturing company with 28 years of experience and over  60 employees. Our partners see us as a top producer of dairy equipment and turnkey dairy solution.  We export 95% of our products to European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, …) and the rest of the world. Main pr… ...more

  • Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey and Jersey Judges Announced for UK Dairy Day

    Completing the final line up at year’s UK Dairy Day cattle show are the judges for the Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey and Jersey classes who will be casting their professional eyes over breeds during the 6th annual event on Wednesday 11th September at the International Centre in Telford.The final three judges will include: Seimon Thomas – Dairy Shorthorn Judge Colin Gleed – Guernsey Judge Matt Pye… ...more