Dairy Pro is the UK dairy industry's register for professional development. It gathers all training, including courses, conference, on-line learning and publications into one place – making it easy for farmers, farm workers and students to not only find the right activity; but to record participation as well. This helps improve career prospects, attract and retain better staff, and enhance business performance.

UK Dairy Day is an accredited event with Dairy Pro.

The event is registered for three CPD points:

  • Livestock Production Systems (LP)
  • Business Management (BM)
  • Personal Development (PD)

To register for your CPD points at the event visit the AHDB/Dairy Pro trade stand or the Visitor Information Desk on the ground floor in the concourse.

Dairy Pro Sign Up Offer

Sign up to Dairy Pro at UK Dairy Day and you will get membership for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020 for only £20 plus VAT so 3 and a half months free and also receive CPD points from the activity at UK Dairy Day.

Dairy Pro App

Dairy Pro members can download the app onto any smart device (phone, tablet etc.) that is supported by Android, Windows or Apple. Then logging in with their membership details they can access a detailed view of their training profile under the points tab, including learning pillars and individual event points. Login details will be remembered after you have initially accessed your profile, meaning that you do not have to remember your membership details every time. By clicking on the contacts tab members can email or call the Dairy Pro team directly.

But here’s the clever bit, providing the devices location setting are on the app will detect your position automatically and enable you to register at an event at the click of the button. By clicking on the events tab and selecting ‘Show todays events’ you can see which events are taking place and register at the event you are at.  Your attendance will then be sent straight through to the Dairy Pro team and once verified your training profile will be updated. All of which should be done by the time you have left the event.  And that’s not all, the DairyPro team are currently working on ensuring that the full calendar of events is available through the app with the same search functionalities as on the website.

VIEW the instructions on how to download the DairyPro App.


About Dairy Pro CPD Points

Dairy Pro CPD points – so what does this mean to you and what is Dairy Pro.

As members with an interest in the dairy industry it is perfectly possible that you are already a member of the industry’s continual professional development (CPD) register and if so we would encourage you to ensure you gain the recognition for all the activity you do both at UK Dairy Day.  Speak to us on the AHDB stand at UK Dairy Day if you have attended any events this year but not had your points allocated.

If you have never heard of Dairy Pro or are unsure what it might mean to you – keep reading.

There has long been recognition that people in the dairy industry are continually look to increase their knowledge of technical and business aspects of the sector, yet many will do this outside of ‘formal’ qualification settings. With this in mind a number of companies came together in the early 2010s to look at ways to ensure people gained ‘recognition’ for this learning. Hence Dairy Pro was developed. The idea being that each activity that you do via a ‘training partner’ is registered with the scheme and worth a certain number of points.

People learn and take on information in different ways – Dairy Pro recognised this and looked to all the routes where people gain their information so journals, discussion groups, short training course, on-line academies, study tours etc. They then looked at the numerous aspects of the business that is dairy farming and the skills needed then assigned these under ‘learning pillars’ which to you and me means grouping of topics such as business, health and welfare, nutrition, environment etc.

These pillars are noted in the reference given to each event at pointing – the time the event/training lasts and the delivery type are all taken into account when determining the number of points each activity attracts.

  • Livestock Production
  • Personal Development
  • Business Management
  • Health and Welfare

Do points mean prizes? – in some ways they do. Within the Red Tractor Farm Standards there is a recommendation that at least one staff member per site is a member of a scheme that records skills/ development/ training. Dairy Pro is recognised as one such scheme so being a member satisfies this. Some employers will also ask for evidence of training undertaken, as each member has a profile accessible via the Dairy Pro website, you can print off the information relating to your activity.

The scheme does set a ‘target’ figure for the year of 20 points made up from across the different ‘learning pillars’. If you reach this number you will receive a certificate saying you have been Dairy Pro endorsed along with bespoke offers from associates of the scheme.

Working through Dairy Pro Training Partners, over 50 accredited events and training activities take place each month. These have been assessed and awarded points according to a set of criteria based on technical abilities development, increasing the understanding of industry issues and advancing personal skills. 

Visit the Dairy Pro website or call 024 7647 8681