UK Dairy Day Seminars

UK Dairy Day 2017 featured two seminar zones with presentations covering topical subjects each zone chaired by an AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Time Zone 1 - Presentation Zone 2 - Presentation
10.00am Reducing the impact of calf pneumonia in your replacement heifers.
Presented by Sioned Timothy, Merial Animal Health
10.20am   Fibre – the hidden nutrient.
Presented by Dr Jamie-Leigh Douglas, AB Vista
10.40am The true cost of IBR to the UK cattle industry – how can you make a difference on-farm?
Presented by Andrew Montgomery, MSD
11.00am   Powering the Rumen for efficiency and profit.
Presented by Peter Van der Vegt, Diamond V
11.20am Antibiotic resistance, how is it going to affect me and my farm?
Presented by Rachel Hayton, XL Vets
11.40am   Managing dry cows for optimum health and performance.
Presented by Professor Jud Heinrichs, Penn State University c/o Alltech
12 noon What are the differences between heat detection methods?
Presented by Maggie Fisher, Ridgeway Research
12.20pm   The evolution of cloud computing in the dairy industry.
Presented by Jiska Healy, Dairy Master

Parlour Safe – Accredited Milking Machine Technicians.
Presented by Craig Kennedy, Milking Equipment Association Chairman. 


1.00pm   Dairy Prospects Post-Brexit.
Presented by AHDB
2.00pm Cows & Money – growing and investing in dairy businesses, tax and financing.
Presented by Rob Hitch, Dodd & Co
2.20pm   “Less sore; more floor” – what is the perfect walking surface for cows?
Presented by Owen Atkinson, Moore Concrete
2.40pm Keeping ahead of the game.
Presented by Angela Rhodes, Red Tractor
3.00pm   Genomic testing: GPLI versus GTPI.
Presented by Dr Darren Todd, NBDC
3.20pm Growing your future - how to optimise calf rearing in dairy enterprises.
Presented by Professor Jud Heinrichs, Penn State University c/o Alltech
3.40pm   Milk pregnancy testing – its ‘positive’ role in herd management
Presented by Jonathan Statham, IDEXX
4.00pm National Johne's Action Plan - Phase two actions.
Presented by Pete Orpin, Action Johne's
4.20pm   Reducing antimicrobial use on your farm.
Presented by John Remnant, Nottingham Uni

2017 Seminar Area Sponsor - XL Vets

XLVets is a community of independently-owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care. Members of XLVets work collaboratively sharing knowledge, experience and skills, to achieve excellence in veterinary practice that ensures they deliver a high level of customer care and animal welfare.  01228 711788

For further information on the seminar presentations please contact Micky Blasi on 01923 695225 or email