UK Dairy Day Seminars

UK Dairy Day 2018 will feature two seminar zones on the first floor within the Sharing Knowledge Zone.  Sponsored by XL Vets presentations will run from 10.00am to 4.00pm covering a wide range of topical subjects.


Time Zone Presentation
10.00am Zone 1 Improving Youngstock health & welfare by working with your vet using a practical checklist.
Presented by Katherine Baxter-Smith from MSD Animal Health
10.20am Zone 2 Genomics/Traceability.
Presented by Holstein UK/NBDC
10.40am Zone 1 Drying off - A crucial part of the dairy cow lactation cycle.
Presented by Sioned Timothy from Boehringer Ingelheim
11.00am Zone 2 Maximising profit per pregnancy.
Presented by Mark Roach from Cogent
11.20am Zone 1 Forward planning key to meeting impending amonia regulations.
Presented by Tom Gill from Promar
11.40am Zone 2 The impact of calf rearing on her future productivity as a cow.
Presented by Bianca Theeruth from Cargill
12 noon Zone 1 Feeding cows this winter with low forage availability.
Presented by Adam Clay from NWF Agriculture
12.20pm Zone 2 Why are we throwing money down the drain in antibiotics for calves.
Presented by Matt Yarnall from Boehringer Ingelheim  
12.40pm Zone 1 Taking responsibility for TB - whose job is it anyway?
Presented by Sarah Tomlinson from TB Advisory Service
1.00pm Zone 2 Industry Panel Q&A
2.00pm Zone 1 Focusing on feed management in times of uncertainty.
Presented by Ian Leach from Alltech and Keenan
2.20pm Zone 2 More milk, less time: Maximising parlour throughput.
Presented by Tom Greenham from Advance Milking
2.40pm Zone 1 Farm Labour Post Brexit.
Presented by Wyn Morgan from Harper Adams
3.00pm Zone 2 A new approach to protein formulation in dairy rations - could it benefit your business?
Presented by Iwan Vaughan from Wynnstay
3.20pm Zone 1 Johne's - mapping out the future.
Presented by XL Vets
3.40pm Zone 2 Grant Funding
Presenter pending

Thank you for the applications received, the successful applicants will receive a brief and contact details for the steward of the seminar area and chairperson. If you have any queries please contact the UK Dairy Day team by email or call 01923 695225.

2018 Seminar Area Sponsor - XL Vets

XLVets is a community of independently-owned, progressive veterinary practices that work together to achieve the highest standards of veterinary care. Members of XLVets work collaboratively sharing knowledge, experience and skills, to achieve excellence in veterinary practice that ensures they deliver a high level of customer care and animal welfare.  01228 711788

For further information on the seminar presentations please contact Micky Blasi on 01923 695225 or email