Media Partners

Our 2018 UK Dairy Day official media partners are:

Farmers Guardian is owned by Agri Briefing Media, the largest multi-platform agricultural information business in the UK. Our brands reach deeply into all the major agricultural sectors – arable, dairy, livestock, agricultural machinery, finance and equipment. We take a farmer-centric approach to media.

01772 799500

Holstein International publishes unbiased information – worldwide accessible – to readers, to enable them to improve their knowledge and the quality of their work within the Holstein industry. Since 1994 Holstein International has expanded from 4 employees, 3 languages, and about 1,000 subscribers to 18 employees, 7 freelance workers, 6 languages, and more than 45,000 readers.

0031-58-257 43 45

For further information on media partnerships please call 01923 695225 or email