Practical Demonstrations

UK Dairy Day 2017 will feature external practical demonstration areas.

Calf Rearing Zone

New for 2017, sponsored by Volac, will be a calf rearing zone covering all aspects of calf rearing from health to feeding to the environment in which they are reared.  This area will have limited number of 2m x 2m table top display stands for business promoting products and services relevant to calf rearing. 
Times:  All Day

'Beneath the Black and White Calf' Painting

Scarsdale Vets will be presenting an innovative and engaging presentation that gives participants the opportunity to visualise and understand a calf's anatomy using paint!   Carolyn Baguley of Scarsdale Vets, will focus on the musculoskeletal/nervous system and internal organs to assist the understanding of calf health & welfare.
Times:  All Day

NBDC Breed Village Type Classification Demonstrations

The demonstrations, which will be led members of the NBDC Classification team, will focus on a different dairy breed at each session whilst also giving the audience the opportunity to learn more about the Type Classification Services offered to breeders.
Times:  11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm

Foot Trimming & Knife Sharpening

The event will feature foot trimming and knife sharpening demonstrations undertaken by a qualified team of independent foot trimmers namely Time Carter, David Rowe, Ema Glaze and Andrew Tyler all with a number of years’ experience under their belts. 

Tim was brought up on a dairy farm, which he then worked on before gaining further insight into the industry working with a number of dairy and beef farms across the South West Having been a trained foot trimmer for around 20 years Tim is passionate about improving the quality of foot trimming. He believes that this will bring many benefits to both cattle, in the wider health and welfare aspects, and to the farmer, less lame cows and time spent ‘trying to fix’ them.

David shares Tim’s enthusiasm for the sharing of knowledge around the discipline of trimming, be it a herdsman wishing to learn so they can do the routine trimming on-farm or a professional trimmer looking to ensure their methods are ‘fit for purpose’. Ema has taken her interest in the skill of trimming to the next level and within the last two years has undertaken the higher level training to allow herself to be recognised as a registered trimmer.

Andrew also has a long running ‘pedigree’ in respect of trimming and training, as well as providing a service to his own client base he is often found around the UK delivering training courses on the skill and assessing those who wish to undertake a formal qualification. Andrew has also represented the profession on a number of industry groups and was involved with the development ‘AHDB Dairy Healthy Feet Programme’.

The team know they key to the success of any task is having the right tools for the job, hence the demonstrations which will focusing on knife sharpening.

The trimming and sharpening demonstrations will be streamed to a large TV screen with commentary so visitors were able to see first-hand the detail of the trimming and knife sharpening.

CPD Dairy Pro points available for the Foot Trimming and Knife Sharpening demonstrations as part of the UK Dairy Day Knowledge Trail.

Times:  9.30am to 3.30pm - See event guide for the timetable.