Dairy Pro

UK Dairy Day is an accredited event with Dairy Pro.

The 2017 event has been upgraded and is registered for three points:

  • Livestock Production Systems (LP)
  • Business Management (BM)
  • Personal Development (PD)

The seminars, external demonstrations and knowledge trial at the event also give Dairy Pro members the opportunity to gain further points, a maximum of 12.

Dairy Pro is the UK dairy industry's register for professional development. It gathers all training, including courses, conference, on-line learning and publications into one place – making it easy for farmers, farm workers and students to not only find the right activity; but to record participation as well. This helps improve career prospects, attract and retain better staff, and enhance business performance.


Working through Dairy Pro Training Partners, over 50 accredited events and training activities take place each month. These have been assessed and awarded points according to a set of criteria based on technical abilities development, increasing the understanding of industry issues and advancing personal skills. 

Visit the Dairy Pro website or call 024 7647 8681