Cattle Show Timetable

The new format for the UK Dairy Day cattle show will see all breeds of cattle classes will running throughout the day with the heifer classes in the morning and senior classes in the afternoon.


  • Dairy Shorthorn Heifer in Milk
  • Brown Swiss Heifer in Milk
  • Jersey Heifer in Milk
  • Guernsey Heifer in Milk
  • Ayrshire Junior Heifer in milk
  • Holstein Junior 2 year old in milk
  • Ayrshire Senior Heifer in Milk
  • Holstein Intermediate 2 year old in Milk
  • Holstein Senior 2 year old in Milk
  • Ayrshire Heifer Championship
  • Holstein Heifer Championship
  • Red & White Heifer In Milk
  • Interbreed Heifer Championship
  • Dairy Shorthorn Junior Cow in Milk
  • Brown Swiss Junior Cow in Milk
  • Jersey Junior Cow in Milk
  • Guernsey Junior Cow in Milk
  • Holstein Junior 3 year old in Milk
  • Ayrshire Junior Cow (2 Calves)


  • Holstein Senior 3 year old in milk
  • Ayrshire Intermediate Cow (3 Calves)
  • Dairy Shorthorn Senior Cow in Milk
  • Brown Swiss Senior Cow in Milk
  • Jersey Senior Cow in Milk
  • Guernsey Senior Cow in Milk
  • Holstein 4 year old in Milk
  • Holstein 5 year old in Milk
  • Ayrshire Senior Cow in Milk (4 Calves or more)
  • Holstein Mature cow in Milk
  • Red & White Cow In Milk
  • Ayrshire  Breeders Group of 3
  • Dairy Shorthorn Senior Championship
  • Jersey Senior Championship
  • Brown Swiss Senior Championship
  • Guernsey  Senior Championship
  • Ayrshire Senior Championship
  • Holstein Senior Championship
  • Interbreed Senior Championship
  • Interbreed Dairy Pairs

 For further information on the Cattle Show please contact Lizzie Yates on 01923 695237 or email