Calf Rearing Zone

The calf rearing zone, sponsored by Volac, will cover all aspects of calf rearing from health to feeding to the environment in which they are reared. 

This area will have series of practical demonstrations throughout the day and feature businesses promoting products and services relevant to calf rearing. The calf rearing zone will be covered by a 8m x 10m calf house supplied by Northern Polytunnels Ltd.

You will be able to find out more about the importance of colostrum testing to ensure that you are giving your calves the best start in life, whether this is done by Brix Refractometer or colostrometer. The team will be on hand to talk through how each one works and what the results mean.

We will also have an area dedicated to hygiene practices – looking at how bio-films come about within calf feeding equipment and the correct process to ensure adequate cleaning of all equipment.

Target weights be another feature of the area – with some guessing of the weight of the calves then we will run them over the scales to see how far out we might have been. All this can impact on feed regimes, treatment and vaccination protocols so getting it right is key.

All the practical elements within the Calf Rearing Zone form part of the Knowledge Trail and are Dairy Pro pointed.

Booking are still being received for displays in this new area, however exhibitors with displays in this area booked so far are:

Calf Rearing Zone Sponsor - Volac

Volac manufactures high-quality milk replacers and colostrum alternatives, bypass fat products such as Megalac & silage inoculants.

01223 208021

If you are interested in being part of this zone please contact the UK Dairy Day team by email or call 01923 695225.