AHDB confirmed as UK Dairy Day Knowledge Partner

UK Dairy Day is thrilled to announce that AHDB is the event’s official Knowledge Partner for 2017. As the levy-funded board providing independent, evidence based information and resources, AHDB is a hub of technical data that benefits the dairy sector and wider agricultural industry. 

As well as Knowledge Partner, AHDB will be leading an insightful seminar at 1pm in Zone 2 titled ‘Dairy Prospects Post-Brexit’. This will present an exclusive opportunity for attendees to hear the key points from AHDB’s latest Horizon Report that explores the UK dairy sector’s prospects in the global marketplace.

Visitors can then join the expert panel for a Q&A on all-things Brexit as they examine the issues for the dairy sector. The question time format will allow the audience to grill the expert panel that includes David Swales and Chris Gooderham from AHDB’s Market Intelligence team, alongside the NFU’s Chief EU Exit and International Trade Adviser Gail Soutar.

Phil Bicknell will be Chair for the Dairy Prospects Post-Brexit seminar at UK Dairy Day. AHDB’s MI Director gives a sneak preview on what to expect. “Over the last year, we’ve highlighted a host of Brexit issues with our AHDB Horizon work. The seminar at UK Dairy Day will see us focus on the latest Horizon report, which includes an assessment of dairy markets further afield. Brexit, of course, gives us an opportunity to look beyond the EU, but what potential is there for the dairy sector, what are the market needs, and what competition might we face? But above all, I’m looking forward to the varied questions from the audience. We know that there are a whole host of Brexit issues our industry faces and the Q&A session is an opportunity to get into the detail - what are the practicalities around trade? What’s the future for farm policy? And perhaps most crucially, what does it all mean for a farming business?”

The first-floor of the International Centre is where the full schedule of seminars will take place, starting from 10am. This year’s seminar area, sponsored by XLVets, will address topical dairy concerns and techniques from antibiotic resistance, rumen efficiency and calf rearing to genomic testing and business management. The seminar programme is included in the UK Dairy Day Knowledge Trail which gives attendees the opportunity to gain Dairy Pro CPD points throughout the day. Join in discussions and knowledge sharing on social media by following @ukdairyday on Twitter and liking UK Dairy Day on Facebook. #ukdairyday

Sue Cope, UK Dairy Day Event Director, commented; “The seminar area is a popular feature of UK Dairy Day. Linked with our event theme of ‘sharing knowledge’ we have carefully selected seminars that are topical and current in modern dairy farming. Our aim is to inspire thought, questions, and challenge mindsets. With Brexit at the top of everyone’s agenda we’re sure the AHDB presentation will attract huge interest as farmers look for clarification on the future of British dairying beyond EU. Seminars will run throughout the whole day starting from 10am so please dedicate some time and plan your day to engage in topical debate.”